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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my photos?

  • All photo orders will be delivered approximately 15-20 days after your team's Photo Day. We also offer an expedited processing & delivery service for an additional charge, to be delivered in half the time.

I have more than one child registered in the LMLL, can I place their orders together?

  • If you have more than one child to be photographed, please submit separate orders for each child. They still need to attend their respective team photo days, which may not be scheduled at the same time and location.

I would like to order Buddy Photos with two or more of my children together, how can I arrange this?

  • It's actually quite easy! Simply include Buddy Photos in the order of just one of those child's orders, (unless you want additional prints, books, etc.) and make sure the bring the other child to the Photo Day of the child who's order includes the Buddy Photos. If your order is placed in advance of your Photo Day, our staff will be looking for you once your team arrives! Please find a member of the Photo Staff with the Buddy Photos guest present, and we'll get to work on it!

Who can join my child in their Buddy Photos session?

  • Pretty much anyone! Your child can pick one of their teammates, a friend from another team, a sibling from another team in the LMLL, or even parents are welcome to join. Ideally, a Buddy Photo session includes 2-3 subjects, though it could be expanded to 4-5 on request. Please remember, it is the customer's obligation to ensure guests of the Buddy Photo session are present at the Photo Day of the child whose order includes the Buddy Photos purchase.

I ordered a package that includes digital JPGs of my pictures, how will I receive them?

  • All customers who ordered a package that includes digital copies, will receive an email with a download link to your child's digital photos, at the time that your package is set for delivery.

I'm interested to purchase action photos from my child's games, where can I find them?

  • Action photos will be shot at games throughout the course of the season. Around mid-May, we will relay to you a link where you can browse through these photos online, pick out the ones you like, and place a separate order of prints or digital downloads of these pictures. Action photo purchases will be a separate sale from the package purchase of your child's individual portrait and team picture.

I loved the photos, but I'd like to order more to share with family & friends!

  • Great! Simply return to the online order form, and place another order the same way you did the first time! Be sure to also check out our Action Photos gallery, where you can preview photos to pick out 1 by 1 for additional orders too.

If you still have any questions that have not been answered in this FAQ page, please do submit a message to us via the Contact page, and we will be happy to assist you.

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